Speakers in 2019

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Marcel  Becker

Marcel Becker

Director Product , Verizon Media Group

Marcel is driving business and product requirements for email deliverability and anti-abuse efforts for all consumer mail products (Yahoo, AOL, Verizon) under the Verizon umbrella. He’s also leading the product team responsible for next gen consumer email experiences. Before Verizon, Marcel was responsible for Alto Mail and AOL’s Email and international products, supporting its international expansion.
Seth Blank

Seth Blank

Director of Industry Initiatives, Valimail

Seth Blank is the Director of Industry Initiatives at Valimail, where he leads public initiatives to strengthen and broaden email authentication technologies for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. He plays key roles in broad industry standards such as ARC, is Chair of the AuthIndicators working group leading development of BIMI, and serves multiple leadership roles within M3AAWG to curtail messaging abuse. Seth also contributes to collaborative work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Securit
Sebastian Fitting

Sebastian Fitting

Consultant Complaints Office, Certified Senders Alliance

Sebastian became part of the eco Complaints Office team in June 2013. The eco Complaints Office receives reports about illegal internet content from the public or its international partners and sees to its removal through notice and takedown measures while working closely with law enforcement agencies. Since January 2016, Sebastian is also taking care of CSA complaints and legal questions surrounding email marketing.
Ilka Groenewold

Ilka Groenewold

Moderator, IG Entertainment e.K.

Ilka Groenewold has experience as a host for Galas, Conferences, Events, Seminars and TV for 17 years.
She is glad to be part of the CSA Summit 2019 in cologne.
Julia  Janßen-Holldiek

Julia Janßen-Holldiek

Director, Certified Senders Alliance

Julia became part of the CSA team in 2014 and has been passionate about creating and enabling quality standards for commercial emailing ever since. Prior to the CSA she worked for several years in Marketing and Sales at Dell. Julia studied business administration at the University of Cologne and the Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires.
Leonie Jonker

Leonie Jonker

Retention Manager, Paula’s Choice Skincare Europe

Leonie is the Retention Manager for Paula’s Choice Skincare at the European headoffice in The Netherlands. Together with her team she is responsible for the brand’s email marketing and retention of customers in the European markets.
Six years ago her career switched from direct marketing to email marketing. That’s when her love for email and customer experience really ignited, as email is the next best thing for being able to communicate face-to-face with your customers.
Conny  Junghans

Conny Junghans

Senior Data Science Product Manager, 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH

Conny is striving to harness the power of data science to change how we accomplish everyday tasks. She's currently a product manager at Germany's largest email provider where she seeks to improve people's experience with machine-generated emails. Before joining 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH, she helped build analytics products for multichannel marketing and e-commerce controlling.
Alexandra  Koch-Skiba

Alexandra Koch-Skiba

Head of Complaints Office, Certified Senders Alliance

Alexandra Koch-Skiba, attorney at law. Alexandra is the Head of eco’s complaints office. In addition to the hotline’s management, it is her task to support the report handling and to contribute to the CSA, particulary in regard to legal issues. She also represents the hotline at European and national level, e.g. at European Networks, when liaising with law enforcement and other relevant stake¬holders, and at events.
Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins

Product Management Senior Manager , Salesforce

Mark is trying to change the way we think about email marketing. With the team at REBEL he is creating templates that can be engaged with directly in the inbox rather than the traditional idea of sending people away to a website. Increasing conversions rates with a strong focus on user experience, cross client support and accessibility. He has also worked directly with some of the major email clients on improving code standards and accessibility in email.
Sergey Syerkin

Sergey Syerkin

Head of Email Operations, MailerQ

Sergey has more than 9 years of experience in the Deliverability and Email Compliance industry. Currently, he is leading the team of deliverability experts at MailerQ where he is responsible for email delivery/ abuse operations. Previously, Sergey was leading the deliverability process for smtp.com and sharpspring.com. He has expert level knowledge on email platforms which includes MTA configurations such as Postfix, PowerMTA and Momentum.
Stephan Zimprich

Stephan Zimprich

Partner / Director Blockchain, Fieldfisher / eco – Association of the Internet Industry

Stephan Zimprich is a Partner in the Hamburg Office of the der law firm Fieldfisher, and Leader of the Competence Group Blockchain at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. An attorney-at-law, he specializes in technology-related topics and digital business models.