The Russian email market

Aleksey Shelkovin and Ilya Vorobiev, both from Yandex, gave an overview of the Russian email market. Yandex is the #1 search engine in Russia with 56% market share. Yandex Mail has 32.5% market share in Russia with a monthly audience of 26 million users and a daily audience of 9 million with over 300 million email accounts (main competitors: Gmail 13.6%, 48.7%, Rambler 5.1% market share). Yandex Mail has seven data centers in Russia and Finland.

Yandex Mail also strongly recommend that senders use double opt-in for mail lists, One Click to unsubscribe, and that addresses are automatically unsubscribed after bouncing. The From address must be clearly associated with the brand, and black lists must be monitored. Shelkovin and Vorobiev showed graphs breaking down where spam and abusive emails originate.

Yandex offers senders comprehensive postmaster tools under which allow them to quickly check how many emails have reached inboxes, ended up in the spam folder or were deleted. They also currently offer an IP-based feedback loop. Soon, Yandex plan on introducing a domain-based feedback loop as well as DMARC reports, user activity monitoring, the option to display AUTH status and an automated check your email function.

While Yandex offer a rich email user experience, not many senders design emails that allow information to be extracted. The key challenges are the lack of machine-readable data, which leads to inaccurate classification, invalid or partial information extraction and broken user scenarios. They would like to see used more, so they can extract more information from emails to offer users a richer email experience.