Your daily work aims at getting the best quality and efficiency out of the email business. Do it right, and you get rewarded by the market: better deliverablitiy and conversion rate, fewer complaints or spam, you name it..

Emails & More
- What does the best reward program for frequent emailers look like? 

We will welcome you on board for a jouney to "Inboxland" and review new factors that can best reward Frequent Emailers:

» The influence of new regulations on the email business (GDPR, eprivacy)
» Technical features impacting Branding
» Trends & Innovations reshaping customer experience
» ...& More

Meet the Email Industry and get up to date about the newest CSA developments.

The CSA Summit 2017 was a great success. Over 120 attendees from 12 countries, from C-level managers to technical experts and marketing professionals, followed the insightful presentations and lively discussions of our international guest speakers.

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